100 Days Warranty

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*Please use all FAZ Jewelry with care and do not abuse this 100 days warranty policy.

FAZ Jewelry proudly operated in Toronto, Ontario, Canada offers a 100 Days (replacement) warranty on all of our jewelry pieces. This warranty begins from the day you receive your order. 

Stone missing? Material loosing its shine or color?

Do not worry.

We will either fix it, or we will replace it (within the warranty period).

The warranty includes any rusting, stone loss, complete fading of the gold plating, or significant damage of the material and/or stones. 

For example: The piece of jewelry has been damaged or changed color drastically due to being exposed to a chemical or perfumes accidentally. We will gladly replace the item. Contact us to open a claim. 

How we process the replacement Warranty: It will not take an arm or a leg to process your claim. We will simply ask for pictures as proof of the piece to be replaced so we know what exactly is wrong with it and be able to help you better. We will then either ask for additional information regarding your piece and ask you to ship it to us to have it fixed or replaced. Once we receive your piece of jewelry that needs repair and your claim has been approved we will then send you the repaired or a replacement of a brand new piece of the same jewelry.

Please note the customer pays for any of the shipping costs associated with this free warranty claim. The Shipping fee for Canada and the USA is a flat rate of $15. The Standard Shipping fee for International(outside of CA & USA is a flat rate of $23.


Warranty on Materials(including rusting, corrosion, stain, color change and any other cases) upon which the buyer is responsible for shipping back the piece of jewelry(in most cases we only require pictures) to our address which can be provided once you open a warranty claim case by contacting us directly. Once we receive the proof or return of piece of damaged jewelry we will gladly resolve the issue by either replacing it or providing a credit towards future purchases from our website.

Warranty on Stones: This includes cases in which the stones are damaged, missing, or lost from the piece of jewelry during the valid 100 days period of the warranty. 

The 100 days warranty is valid on all of our jewelry Pieces which are all made of Hypoallergenic fine material to allow you to wear them everyday and be sure you got a 100 days solid replacement warranty included with each piece of FAZ Jewelry.

For more information on how to properly care of the specific piece of jewelry you have bought please visit our Jewelry Care page or contact us and we will gladly help you.

Thank you

The FAZ Jewelry Team.