What One Needs to Know About Gold-Plated Necklaces?

Someone has rightly said, "Jewelry is like the perfect spice as it complements what's already there." And this statement is quite accurate when we talk about gold plated jewelry. They are the inexpensive jewel option that offers a gold appearance, quickly adding class and elegance to any outfit. Yet, this particular jewelry option is still unknown to many. 

So, for those planning to purchase golden plated birth stone necklaces and have questions about the jewelry type, styling tips, and how to preserve it? Don't worry, as here, all these queries are rounded up to help one style their look and maintain the jewelry for a longer time. 

What exactly is a gold plated necklace? 

This type of necklace is made using a specific alloy or metal covered with another metal layer. For instance, a chain made with a silver base but covered with a thin layer of gold on the outer surface is gold plated.

Pros of purchasing a gold plated necklace:

1) Affordable

The gold plated necklaces are affordable compared to solid gold jewelry items. And because of its affordability, many people have started purchasing this jewelry and wearing them on various occasions.

2) It looks like gold

A gold plated chain generally offers the look of a solid gold chain. And for the eyes that are not trained, they might not even spot the difference. 

3) More design options

This particular type of necklace is perfect for the trends as one could be part of the raging style trend without investing too much money. Moreover, the gold plated chains are available in different designs, making them the best jewelry option for most occasions.

4) Strong and durable

The gold plated chain is considered stronger than the solid gold items. It is said that the higher the karat of the gold, the softer and more malleable the item is. Moreover, the gold plated jewelry can handle everyday wear and tear more than the gold.

5) Great decorative option

As the gold plated jewelry offers the appearance of real gold, this jewelry option is the perfect option to add a touch of brilliance to any outfit.

How can one style their gold plated chain or necklace? 

Nowadays, gold plated necklaces have become a huge rage in the fashion industry. They are stylish and versatile and can easily be paired with all types of outfits. 

And the best part is one can style these necklaces in different ways. So, to help one style their simple gold plated chain, here are some suggestions that one can try out to look fashionable and make the most out of their jewelry. 

1) Wear it with a pendant 

The best way of making the gold plated chain look great is by wearing it with a pendant. It only offers a classy look, but it is suitable for everyday styling. It is suggested that one must pick a smaller pendant for the casual daytime and a statement or bigger pendant for special events. Further, while choosing a pendant, one must ensure that it suits well with the outfit. 

2) Layering single chain

One can style the simple gold plated chain in different ways. One can try making the best use of the chain by rounding it around their neck by creating an illusion of multiple chain necklaces. This style looks great and makes one stand out from the crowd. Besides, one can even try layering the chain of different lengths and styles.

3) Layer the chain with the pendant

The layered chains can be paired with the pendants, and all one needs is to merge the two styles and create their unique style. Moreover, one can add a pendant to the main chain and get a fabulous look that will set them apart. 

How to maintain the gold plated necklaces and chain?

As gold plated chains and necklaces form a significant part of the accessory collection, it becomes essential that they are correctly maintained. So, here are the few tips that one needs to know to offer the much-needed TLC to their jewelry. 

  • As this jewelry tarnishes faster, it is recommended that one must wait for the perfume to dry out before wearing them. 
  • One must keep the gold plated jewelry away from the water and sweat to secure its finishing.
  • One must clean the jewelry on a routine basis using a microfiber cloth.
  • Try finding an intelligent storage solution to keep the necklace clean and sparkling. 

Final Thoughts

With the above-shared information on the gold plated jewelry, one can now easily style and maintain their necklaces and chains. And for those looking for fine quality golden plated birth stone necklaces can try browsing through sites like FAZ Jewelry, where one can find multiple options to pick the finest piece of jewelry for their next event.